Satellites: Learn by playing with a model of satellites and their current global position. The WxSatS (Wx=weather, SatS=satellites) web app shows over 30 satellites, the data from which are used in research by the Space Science & Engineering Center and its Cooperative Institute for Meteorological Satellite Studies

Click on image to see where Landsat-9 is now

Satellite Imagery Puzzles: Learn by doing puzzles of Landsat imagery and reading about the features shown (courtesy of our colleagues at IndianaView and our parent organization, AmericaView).

Click on image to do this puzzle.

Astronaut Photos of Wisconsin: Astronauts take a lot of photos of Earth from the International Space Station. They also took photos from Space Shuttle missions. Sometimes, these photos include Wisconsin. This KML file, when downloaded and opened in Google Earth, shows clickable locations of astronaut photos of Wisconsin archived at NASA. Here’s a saved search that returns over 1000 image links.

This image shows Door County Wisconsin on 21 February 2003

Landsat Memory Games: Try your hand at “concentration” and match Landsat image pairs with this set of games.

Try this matching game and learn about landcover change in Landsat images.

3D-Wisconsin: Grab a pair of 3D GlassesRed/Cyan 3D glasses and explore the topography of Wisconsin as recorded by the Shuttle Radar Topography Mission (SRTM) of February 2000.

Explore the topography of Wisconsin in 3D! (red/cyan 3D glasses required).