WisconsinView focuses on three research themes:

  • Geospatial image management and integration
    • Mapservice optimization (WMS, WFS, WCS)
    • Imagery sets, spatial databases, and API testing (GoogleMaps, KML etc)
    • Atmospheric and Geospatial Science integration
    • MODIS Imagery collection and distribution techniques
  • Remote sensing of Lakes
    • Lake clarity measured from satellites (Wisconsin Lakes)
    • Multi-Sensor integration (MODIS, Landsat, other)
    • Regional water color product development (Great Lakes)
  • Hazard mapping
    • Techniques for tornado swath mapping
    • Techniques for flood extent mapping
    • Development of custom products for WEM and NOAA-NWS
Geospatial image management and integration
Examples of recent and ongoing work:

1-m NAIP Imagery
18-in WROC Imagery
1-ft Madison Imagery
6-in CIR of Madison
2008 NAIP imagery in GoogleMaps
Near real-time GOES in mapservice
2007 Madison 1-foot imagery in GoogleMaps
Color Infrared of Madison

Click these images to launch the web map. Visit mapping testbed 1 or testbed 2 for more info.

Link to common Wisconsin projection files (ESRI "well known text" - WKT versions)

Remote Sensing of Lakes
Examples of recent and ongoing work:
MODIS Test Products
Great Lakes
MODIS Test Products

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